A brief history of St Stephen’s Church Warrandyte

On 17th August 1851, a Church Service was held in a tent of Messrs Michel and Habberlin, who made the first Gold discovery in Victoria in the same year at (Anderson’s Creek) Warrandyte. 

In 1856 a Church of England school was established at Anderson’s Creek. By 1865 the population had increased and the need for a church caused the Government to grant land in Stiggant St. 

In 1869 the Government Gazette announced “Warrandyte, site of church of England”. Until the first church was built, services were held in the home of Henry Frencham. 

In 1906 the new church of St Stephen’s Warrandyte was opened. 

In 1939 the Church was all but destroyed by bushfire, including the adjoining hall. A new church building was established in 1940 and a hall was added in 1955 and extended in 1961.

 In 1971 St Stephen’s Warrandyte with Emmanuel Park Orchards became a new separate parish and the Vicarage was built. A Memorial garden was started in 1978. 

The parish has a great history of lively CEBS and GFS groups, and many locals have special memories of their weddings and baptisms in the little church.

The current church building is the result of extensions completed in 1991, which included moving the Communion Table to the opposite end of the church and the installation of the lovely clear windows behind it.  The blue stained glass windows in the side vestibule were installed in 1993.

 Previous vicars:

(1945-1953) - Rev. F. E. Lewin

(1953-1956) - Rev. H. A. W. Bishop

(1956-1960) - Rev. R. F. Adams

(1960-1965) - Rev. D. A. Warner

(1965-1971) - Rev. D. H. Chambers

(1971-1975) - Rev. W. R. Featherston

(1975-1980) - Rev. G. B. Avery

(1980-1985) - Rev. Jeffrey A. Berger

(1986-1991) - Rev. Russell S. Joyce

(1991-2007) - Rev. Garry Gason

(2010-2011) - Rev. Canon Alan Nichols 

(2012-2013) - Rev. Megan Curlis-Gibson

Current - Rev. Maria Brand-Starkey